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Fire Solutions:

We provide solution for an automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems are intended to notify the building occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, report the event to an off-premises location in order to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke.

We provide complete range of fire protection solutions for Offices, Shops, Homes, and Malls etc. The products include smoke detectors actuated on presence of Smoke and heat detector actuated on presence of Heat, Fire alarm control panel which control the complete system of detectors, hooters and call points. The other system consists of standalone smoke/ heat detectors which are used for a smaller area and actuates the alarm which ranges locally. Brands we deal in are Honeywell, Agni, Godrej, Ravel etc.