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IT Solutions:

We provide complete office setups for Servers, thin clients (sometimes also called a lean or slim client) is a computer or a computer program which depends heavily on some other computer (its server) to fulfill its traditional computational roles. This stands in contrast to the traditional fat client, a computer designed to take on these roles by itself. The exact roles assumed by the server may vary, from providing data persistence (for example, for diskless nodes) to actual information processing on the client's behalf.

The most common type of modern thin client is a low-end computer terminal which concentrates solely on providing a graphical user interface to the end-user. The remaining functionality, in particular the operating system, is provided by the server.

We also set up computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

We provide a complete range of IT infrastructure for all types of business setups. Our other IT product ranges are laptops, Desktops, Networking products both wired and Wi-Fi. The brands we deal in are HP, Enjay, D-Link, Digilink, Netgear, Sony Viao, Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc.